Temptations Preserves

These preserves are hand-crafted & made in small batches.

The seasonal produce is grown here in Northland & is Spray-free or Organic where possible.

Made with un-refined organic sugar & I make the Kombucha & Cider vinegars used in the preserves. They are suitable for gluten free, vegan and paleo diets.

They are all my own recipes that I’ve been perfecting over the last 10 years.

120ml - $6.00

Quince Paste

300 ml - $8.00

Plum Sauce

Smoky Tomato Sauce

Feijoa & Green Chilli Sauce

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Hot Chilli Sauce

Smoked Mushroom Sauce

314 ml - $8.00

Tamarillo Chutney

Fig & Green Tomato Chutney

Beetroot Relish

Zucchini Relish

Capsicum & Onion Marmalade

Winter fruits Marmalade

Summer fruits Jam