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Hello and welcome to
The Veggie Tree

I am Anna Valentine, chef, recipe creator, cookbook author, food photographer, forager, plant medicine maker, mother and passionate plant-based foodie!

The Veggie Tree is made up of cook schools and workshops, recipe sharing, foraging, preserving, fermenting and seasonal cookbooks. 


Cook schools and workshops are held there at The Veggie Tree HQ in our century old Kauri villa in Kaeo. I cater to all different cookery levels, ages and tastes - vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free - there is something for everyone.


Once again thank you so much for the Seaweeds and Edible weeds workshop - it was absolutely amazing! I enjoyed everything about it. Not only the knowledge you have transmitted but also how you have done it. Additionally, everything was enshrouded by your energy that is full of warmth and joy. Plus, of course, the dishes, which were a true feast for the buds and a total revelation. I plan to repeat them all in my kitchen. I am on a mission now trying to find a good place for weed foraging - almost there. I am being soooooooo inspired by your book too. I have already made hummus & crispy chickpeas, soba noodles (gluten-free option) and miso baked aubergine. All fabulously yummy!

Aggie Plappally

Wow! Fabulous! Awesome! Fun!
I have been to 4 of Anna’s Cook schools since moving to Kaeo - they are all amazing - but this one was the absolute best! In a world where we are striving to make our lives plastic free and as natural and healthy as possible - this workshop is definitely it!
Such beautiful, simple, aromatic products with no toxins or yukky things in them - pure heaven for us and our bodies. Anna is not only Mrs Veggie Tree - she's Mrs Inspirational, Mrs Knowledgeable, Mrs Medicinal, Mrs Sharing, and Mrs All Things Awesome!
Thankyou so much!
It’s so cool that you live in Kaeo!

Lisa Baldock

Chef and Cook Book author Anna Valentine creates the most amazing, delicious and nutritious plant based food that I have ever tried! She is a constant source of inspiration and creativity, which is why we booked an exclusive anniversary dinner at her place! She prepared an absolutely beautiful 5 course meal based on our discussions and went above and beyond - wowing us again and again! Will definitely be back and we can't wait to get our hands on your cookbooks! Thanks Anna!

Asha Jade

We have done cooking schools all over the world but never in NZ. So on a trip North we tried out The Veggie Tree in Kaeo. Anna didn't have any scheduled events that matched our timing so she offered a 4 hr hands-on class for the 2 of us. Must admit that when we arrived we wondered if we had the right address as it was an ancient house up a steep drive. However as soon as Anna welcomed us into her home kitchen we knew we had made the right decision and over the next 4 hours we made a wide range of dishes mostly from fresh ingredients that Anna had grown or foraged. We aren't vegetarians but it was great to learn some new flavour combinations and really helpful tips. Better yet was then we ate it all for lunch, the orange and almond cake was worth the trip on its own plus stocking up with lots of Anna's preserves. If you love good, healthy food then go and visit Anna.

Peter Dickinson

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