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Fermented Chilli Sauce Recipe

This sauce is totally addictive and you will want to have it on everything!

Fermented Chilli Sauce is full of probiotics because of the fermentation process, and is super tasty with the additions of ginger for the red sauce and lime for the green version (which you can of course switch up as you please), this super simple recipe is perfect for preserving all those fabulous chilli's that all ripening at the moment if you are here in New Zealand.

This sauce is similar to Kaitaia Fire or Tabasco and can be made in just one week. It doesn't have the depth of flavour as Tabasco as that ferments for three years, but is totally delicious none the less. You could also ferment it for longer if you like. The red version starts fermenting faster and has a naturally sweeter flavour and lime zest in the green version compliments the funky flavour perfectly. This sauce is a lactic acid fermented, which is similar to sauerkraut and kimchi which means it has a lovely salty sour taste to compliment the heat! Any chilli can be made in to this sauce so just use what you have, and enjoy a little chilli kick to your meals all year round.

We talked about this recipe and my Preserving, Fermenting and Homemade Vinegar Workshop at the weekend but I hadn't printed out that particular recipe, so here it is for all of you to have a go at! Fermenting is so brilliant because it requires few ingredients, no cooking and its always nice to have a few different ways to use the seasons abundance, plus you can use pretty shabby fruit or veg as long as it doesn't have any mould on it.

Fermented Chilli Sauce

~New Recipe~

Vegan | Gluten-free

Makes 500ml

Gather your ingredients and a 700ml jar with a lid and thoroughly clean and sterilized the jar in a 150°C oven for five minutes then remove and leave to cool. Meanwhile make the brine:

3 T (45g) salt

450ml warm water

Stir to dissolve the salt. Prepare the following:

15 red or green chilli's (200g), stems removed and roughly chopped

2 cloves garlic, peeled

4 slices of fresh ginger (for the red version)

1 lime, peel only (for the green version)

Add to the jar, pour over the brine, ensure the solids are under the liquid, secure the lid and pop the date on. Leave this for one week, burping daily to release the gases (essential or you may have an explosion), ensure the solids are under the liquid also, you may need to push them under daily also with a very clean spoon.

After one week the bubbling should have stopped which means it has fermented, it may take longer however. Pour off the liquid through a sieve but do not throw away! Pop the solids into a blender and add half of the liquid. Blitz until smooth, adding a little more liquid depending on the consistency you are after and bottle up. I add enough brine to equal 500 ml total. Keep in the fridge as this stops the fermentation process. It will keep for a year like this happily.

Let me know how you go with this one guys and I've just added a new date for the next Preserving and Fermenting Workshop here at

Anna x


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