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Choko and Yacon Slaw

I have been fortunate this past week with veggie gifts from friends gardens. These two vegetables are quite unusual to most and I have never used before so I was excited to play with them both in the kitchen.

The choko is a bit astringent to feel but not when you eat it for some reason.

I've added lime & salt straight away to totally remove it though. It needs to be peeled wether you are going to cook it or not as it is quite firm. Also remove the pip with a small paring knife.

Yacon is so deliciously crisp & crunchy plus it gets juicy once you've grated it. It is pretty much great for us, so I'm going at it raw and will be making a slaw!


Vegan | Gluten-free

Serves 4

Grate the following into a large salad bowl:

1 choko, peeled & pip removed.

1 yacon, scrubbed clean.


¼ red cabbage, sliced fine as you can

1 lime juice

½ tsp himalayan pink salt

½ tsp coconut sugar

Toss well together well then add:

¼ c coconut thread

¼ c raisins

¼ c mung bean sprouts

4 sprigs of fresh mint

3 T homemade aioli…egg based, aquafaba or tofu

A few cracks of black pepper

Toss altogether really well & serve. This keeps well in the fridge so is good for lunches.

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