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Wisteria Fizzy Drink

The girls and I made this delicious taste of the springtime fizzy drink with our abundant wisteria fence. The flavour is slightly florally lemon bubblegum and because it uses the natural yeasts from the flowers to create the fizz along with the beneficial bacteria cultivated during fermentation it's also a probiotic.

We made one big batch which made 5 liter's, but obviously feel free to alter the recipe to suit. Just use the flowers as the rest of the plant has toxic properties, and as you can see from the clip its super easy to strip the flowers off. We filled this jar a little bit much as it rises and falls with the fermentation so do leave room for this. We use organic golden sugar for everything but white sugar will work absolutely fine also.

Wisteria Fizzy Recipe

~New Recipe~

Makes 5L

8-10 cups wisteria flowers

3 cups organic golden sugar

4 lemons, 2 sliced and added and 2 just the juice

5L water

Measure the sugar, water and lemon into a large jar or similar and stir well to dissolve the sugar. Add the wisteria flowers and submerge under the liquid, it will rise straight back out but will sink as the fermentation process takes over. Cover with muslin or similar and secure with a rubberband and date. Stir vigorously everyday for 3-4 days, in this time the flowers should rise up as it ferments and bubbles will appear when you stir it. Strain through muslin to remove any impurities and bottle up in flip top bottles. Leave at room temperature for 1-2 days, check the fizz and store in the fridge after it's reached the fizziness your after and enjoy cold. It actually last for ages in the fridge if you don't drink it up immediately as the cool slows the fermentation and keeps it stable.

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