Natural Herbal Protocols for Covid, Colds and Flu

This natural herbal medicine protocol is what my family and I used to treat ourselves while we had omicron. I had already prepared a few of these well in advance of getting symptoms.

I am not a trained medical practitioner, herbalist or naturopath. I am self taught, I have been learning and independently researching extensively for the last three years in the natural herbal medicine rhelm. I have done extensive self experimentation, these and all the other remedies I share successfully with my immediate family and friends. My immediate family have no co-morbidities, health issues, have very good gut health from our daily glass of water kefir and still have a fully functioning natural immune system.

So many people crippled and living in fear of getting this virus that isn't deadly for the vast majority of people who get it. And now I can say from experience that you have nothing to fear, when did we become so fearful of getting sick? It is part of being a human. Please start taking responsibility for your own health, it really is a necessity of life. You don't need to run to the doctor for everything, first look at what you are putting in your mouths everyday. Seriously. The doctor will patch you up and send you on your way, with prescriptions to last you a life time, like a slave to pharmaceuticals.

I went out, had a big night and had fun with my friends, dancing all night long, it's what life is all about. Enjoying yourself not living in fear. Yes it looks like I paid the price, I caught it from someone, but I am glad I got it now I have natural immunity and can personally vouch for the natural remedies that helped my bodies beautiful, wonderful fighting cells beat the shit out of those nasty ones in three days flat, with a few days of lingering fatigue. I could actually feel my cells buzzing and body tingled after getting out of the magnesium baths I had for the aches and pains. Each sip of these wonder plant medicines supporting my natural immune system to fight back and heal its self with plenty of rest and the herbal protocol.

What I can tell you about it from mine and my families experience is pretty much a really bad flu for us. Yes, I totally realise other people have had different experiences, and I am not trying to belittle anyone else's experiences or make light of the situation, on the contrary I am trying to give people tools to help themselves, give people hope that there are other options available to them, I am only sharing what happened to me and my family.

I put a lot of hard work in to my business, which by the way has come into pretty tough times as so many other businesses throughout our beautiful country recently, and the recipes that I share freely for those who want to help themselves and their families with nature. When we are sick we stay home, rest and get well, to follow is how it played out for us...

Started with sore throat late in the night and was having trouble sleeping so I took:

30ml elderberry immune boosting tonic

Day 1

Low energy next day. I made a Self Heal Infusion with whole lemons sliced and steeped (recipe below). I drank this throughout the day, along with:

2ml angi angi, pine, kumarahou tincture

5 drops zinc liquid supplement

10 drops wormwood tincture

Each measure of drops I had separately in glasses of fresh water. I was always sipping on my Self Heal Infusion lemon steeped water:

30ml elderberry tonic at either end of the day

Started to get achy by the afternoon, neck first, lower back, then legs in the evening. Made a batch of Golden sweetcorn soup with extra amounts of turmeric, ginger, black pepper and bay leaves (tap the link for recipe). Had a bath with kawakawa magnesium, Himalayan pink salt and rose petals for the aches.

Full on fever and sweating in the night, massive pressure in my head like when I had meningitis, full aching body neck, back, legs, tingling all over my body. Needed to be rubbed, used kawakawa steeped in almond oil. Cold flannel on my head.

Day 2

Had a piece of toast with activated charcoal spread for breakfast and a small glass water kefir. Two paracetamol in morning because of the head pain and two more in the afternoon. Feeling exhausted and achy all day.

Sipped throughout the day:

2ml angi angi, pine and kumarahou tincture

5 drops zinc liquid supplement

10 drops wormwood tincture

1/4 tsp NAC in water

Each measure of drops I had separately in glasses of fresh water. I was always sipping on the Self Heal Infusion separately. I had a plum and vomited, I did find out that you can overdo the zinc supplement which gives you nausea. I had more soup this evening, all I felt like, could eat a whole bowl slowly. Still in bed. Sore throat from throwing up.

Day 3

Another feverish night, very achy, aching soothed by rubbing with oil. Ran myself a bath in the morning with magnesium, felt really good, not too full or hot, but got out and fainted. Have someone check up on you when getting out of the bath. Made it back to bed and dozed for a few hours. Had a little bit of toast, struggled to eat it today. Made a batch of kawakawa, kumarahou, koromiko, pine and lemon wairakau. Started sipping that in the afternoon, it brought up some mucus to get rid of which was good, no cough until then but it was to bring it up and get rid of it. Feeling a little better, had more soup, a whole bowl, really good. A bit of a tickley cough while I was going to sleep but not bad. I made a batch of my Immune Boosting Broth and had this over the next few days for lunch or dinner.

Day 4

Feeling on the mend

Day 5

Still tired but up and doing things but having sit downs and lie downs in between, little bit foggy headed, its super humid

Day 6

Starting to get back into soft yoga and tasks. Sometimes have waves of nausea, got to take it easy. Can feel my heart beating and a little shaky. Still taking the protocols in water and drinking the rongoa. Have a bit of a chesty feeling that has come after a couple of days with the occasional mucus cough which I get rid of. Still finishing the wairakau which soothes and helps bring it up. In hindsight I would have made the wairakau earlier if I had felt up to it.

The kids got it and had much more milder symptoms.

Athena: Had a fever, and slept for a day, achy. Had 2 magnesium baths and the protocol.

Wyn: Felt floppy and tired for one day.

Gareth: Had a bad headache, body aches and a fever for about 36 hours.

Covid Wairakau Recipe

~New Recipe~

To preface this recipe according to traditional rongoa practise please say a karakia before collecting gifts from papatuanuku, an acknowledgement, give thanks and gather with good intentions and don't be greedy. This is natural wild foraging law also.