Edible Weeds Infusion

This has got to be the easiest immune boosting health promoting power infusion there is! It utilises probably the most misunderstood nutrition powerhouses of the edible weeds world cleavers and dandelion. By misunderstood I mean they are the ones folks want to exterminate, but before you do, may I suggest you look at them in a different light.

I hit the jackpot yesterday while out foraging on my bike ride and gathered up a basket full of cleavers which is commonly known as biddy bids here in NZ, sticky weed or sticky willy (hilarious as I also gathered nipplewort yesterday lol, recipe link for nipplewort). It is easily identified by the natural tiny hooks on its leaves that cling onto anything it touches. This very common weed is a super star for our lymphatic system, including spleen, thymus, throat, mammary glands and kidneys, so it is a useful aid in the recovery from many types of infections. It moves toxins from the body and is high in Vitamin C and it purifies the blood amongst a myriad of other benefits. I often add it to soups and smoothies as the mouth feel is a bit weird and blending or cooking will remove this effect. The botanical name for Cleavers is Galium which is Greek for milk. The curdling property of the leaves has had a long time use in

cheese making.

Dandelions are flowering all over my yard at the moment and are one of the most health giving, nutritious and abundant wild edibles and are as well as being one of the most effective toxin removers for the blood, lymph and liver so naturally these wonderful weeds pare perfectly.

The lovely humble lemon provides us a wealth of health promoting qualities along with nutrients and vitamin C and immune boosting properties. It is quite common knowledge that lemon water is extremely good for you, seriously the health benefits are endless, but today I’ve added it to this infused water skin and all as it tastes great and is important that you add the whole lemon as the quercetin and pectin present in the peel and pith are where a bunch of the goodies are.

I find I drink more water if I have a lovely jug full sitting on my bench, and to make this all you need to do is grab a hand full of cleavers and a few dandelion flowers, slice up an organic lemon and pop them in a jug, then top it up with filtered water. It is best to leave this infusion overnight to give it time to steep out all the goodness, enjoy Anna x

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